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What can we offer for real estate professionals?

Real Estate Professionals deal with risk daily. Potential client meetings in an empty house, neglectful tenants, showing large homes alone, or violations of a lease agreement are just some of the challenges that Real Estate Professionals face. Camel City Security, LLC is here to help.

  • Due Diligence – Provide background checks prior to meeting an individual. This type of diligence provides information to help Real Estate Professionals do their job safely.

  • Surveillance – Utilize our Private Investigators to conduct surveillance in a range of situations from collecting evidence on neglectful tenants to verifying information given to you by a potential buyer or leaser.

  • Locate Persons or Property – Conduct a skip-trace investigation to locate an individual who owes debt and may be avoiding payment. Concerns over stolen property? Our Investigators are expert at tracking and locating stolen goods.

  • Private Security – Hire one of our Security Professionals to help you while showing a large home. We can help ensure the safety of the Real Estate Professional as well as the safety of the property in the home.

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